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Blipsounds Game Audio Training Series

  • Game Audio Training Series!

    $15 /mo
    • Recieve all of the Following!

    • – New game audio packed videos every week!

    • – Interviews with Video Game Industry Professionals

    • – Access to exclusive Discord Channels

    • – Chat with a community of other knowledgable students

    • – Access to an archive of videos from all previous months

    • What People Think of the Game Audio Training Series!

    • – "I can safely say that I am someone who I thought would never be able to conceptualize how sound design is done. But Ryan is able to break it down into simple and relatable terms to where I now feel condident in diving into sound design."
    • -Waqas Burney - Development Lead at Google

    • – "Coming from a non sound-design background, Blipsounds gave me an amazing foundation to create my own original sounds for my passion projects"
    • -Eric Wesa - Former Designer at Bandai Namco Studios

    • – "I feel that I was fairly knowledgable about sound design, but after starting the Training Series I realized I've been missing theories like how sound can direct the game design, relay information to the player, and so much more. I'm excited to see the videos to come"
    • -Tamir Nadav - Former Producer at Disney Interactive

  • Here's what our friends say about us!

    Ryan is the kind of guy that you can geek out with about anything game audio related. You'll be reminded of his knowledge and love for audio and video games with just a short conversation with him ❤
    - Nicolae Berbece - Creator of Move or Die
    Blipsounds is bridging the gap between the beautiful yet unknown sound design world to the rest of the game development community
    - Tom Todia - EA Games Tiburon Senior Audio Director
    Blipsounds breaks down game audio theory into digestible, entertaining, chunks that will make you feel immediately comfortable with the sound design process. I always walk away from a conversation with Ryan knowing more about the current state of audio in games.
    - Jakobsen Locke - Writer at 11bit Studios

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